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  1. Modular Flat Top for Vision Standard Front
    Vision Modular Flat Top for Vision Standard Front

    Modular flat top for Vision chassis Frontguard Standard. Secured with 6 screws for rugged fit.Does not include 20 MOA Picatinny rail, sold separately.

    Machined 7075 alu. Made in Norway, by Vision & Design!

  2. Universal Cheek Support
    Vision Universal Cheek Support
    Universal cheek support that fits almost all gunstocks made for rifle or shotgun. It is easy for a gunsmith to assemble and makes a awesome result on any rifle or shotgun. It is delivered with a hard polymer cheek piece but can also be used directly with cut off parts from a wooden stock. Made by Vision & Design in Norway.
  3. Vision Hunter Brake
    Vision Vision Hunter Brake

    The Vision Hunter Brake is a small, discreet and incredibly light weight muzzle brake suitable for hunting. Made of 7075 aluminum, and weighs only 15 grams. Fits cal. 30 and smaller.

    The muzzle brake also works perfectly as a thread protector! Available in the following threads: 14-1 and 15-1.

    Weight: 15 gram. Height: 19 mm. Wight: 19 mm. Lenght: 30 mm.

  4. Rifle Timer with Universal Mount
    Vision Rifle Timer with Universal Mount

    Sportcount Mini Timer with Vision & Design universal mount for rifle. It fits directly on the Vision Chassis, but also on other riflestocks in metal, plastic or wood. Having a small and compact timer on your rifle is very practical and makes it easier to keep track of time. In competitions, knowing when you are about to time out is crucial if you want that last point on each stage. Easy to press the start/stop button with your thumb when holding the pistol grip (usual start position).

    • Compact, lightweight, durable, and waterproof to 50 meters
    • Simple and easy to read
    • One handed operation
    • 1 A Battery
    • Universal mount designed to fit the Vision Chassis, and with only small modifications it fits all riflestocks
  5. Tofot RPS Gen 4
    Vision Tofot RPS Gen 4
    RPS Gen 4 er kanskje markedets beste tofot for langholds presisjonsskyting! Designet for et lavest mulig tyngdepunkt, best ballanse og stabilitet. Føttene er designet for å gi suverent grep på de fleste underlag fra is til stein, betong og asfalt. De er dessuten utformet for å ikke synke ned i underlaget. Hendig låsespak for stramming av vuggen. Oppdatert utseende med flutet bein. Dette er en veldig solid tofot som tåler hard praktisk bruk og skyting med de fleste kalibre. Laget av Vision & Design i Norge! NB: RPS/Versa-pod festeadapter medfølger ikke og må kjøpes seperat. Vekt 550 gram Høyde fra 19 – 26 cm
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