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  1. Plastic Carabiner
    Ulfhednar® Plastic Carabiner
    Classic "D" carabiner hook. Lightweight, just a few grams. Internal dimensions are 70x40 mm. Breakage strength about 200 kg. Perfect for attaching lighter accessories in the PRS Belt, in the mole or on the bag!
  2. PRS Magazine Pocket
    Ulfhednar® PRS Magazine Pocket

    Universal magasinholder for belte eller liknende. Molle-feste på baksiden (kan også festes i vanlig belte). Laget i værbestandig Cordura(R). Plass til inntil 2 magasiner. Her avbildet med 2 stk Sauer 200 STR magasin.

    Leveres med "innvendige vegger" som kan flyttes og justeres slik at holderen passer de fleste rifle magasiner.

  3. Molle Pocket
    Ulfhednar® Molle Pocket

    Handy pockets with molle web. Made in water repellent material with YKK zippers.

    S =15x10 cm.
    M = 20x15 cm.
    L = 25x20 cm.

  4. Ammunition Strap (20 Cartridges)
    Ulfhednar® Ammunition Strap (20 Cartridges)
    Patronremse med plass til 20 skudd. Patronremsa er satt sammen med borrelås av to stk remser som rommer 10 skudd hver. Kan brukes hver for seg eller sammen.
  5. Dragbag
    Ulfhednar® Dragbag

    Combined shooting mat and guncover. Choose between 140x35 cm or 160x42 cm. Water resistant Cordura (R), covered YKK zippers. Wear as a backpack or carry with handle.

    Molleweb for attaching extra pockets or other equipment. Inner pocket for cleaning rod at the side of the mat. Detachable pocket for notes included. It also comes with a extension mat for bipod. Non-slip Top-Grip (R) rubber in the upper part of the mat. Straps and brackets for attaching rifle.

    Cartridgeholderand waterproof pocket for notes/tables included.

  6. Guncover
    Ulfhednar® Guncover
    High quality guncover for weapon transport and storage. Manufactured in water-resistant Cordura (R), covered YKK zippers and hood pulled over the top. 4 large exterior pockets. Wear as a backpack or carry in handle. New support system with good padding. Molleweb on belt for attaching extra pockets or other equipment. Exterior pocket for cleaning rod. The belt can easily be fitted on and off.
  7. Silencer Pocket
    Ulfhednar® Silencer Pocket

    This pocket fits most silencers up to 60 mm circumference and 230 mm length. On the inside it has insulating Kevlar (R) and can withstand heat up to 250 degrees Celsius. The exterior is covered with weather-resistant Cordura (R).

    The pocket has a molle attachment on the back.

  8. Range Bag
    Ulfhednar® Range Bag

    Durable field bag in water resistant Cordura (R). YKK zippers. Inside the bag is a removable bag that simplifies the organization even when the bag is full. Ergonomic carrying strap with non-slip material against the shoulder. Large side pocket with removable "table" with soft amara for gun cleaning or other small jobs. Several well-padded exterior and interior pockets.

    Bottle holder, socket cup and cleaning mat is also included. Theoutside have molleweb on top and on one side.

    Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 25 cm.

  9. First Aid Kit
    Ulfhednar® First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit - pocket

    Molleweb attachments on the backside. First Aid equipment included. Equipment relevant for huntig and shooting sport. Some things that are included are eyewash against gunpowder, icepack and "BurnGel".

    Dimensions: 15x20x7 cm

    First Aid Manual

    • 10x Adhesive platisc bandage 2 x 7,5 cm
    • 10xAdhesive platisc bandage2,5 x 7,5 cm
    • 10xAdhesive platisc bandage1 x 3,8 cm
    • 6x Cotton tipped applicator, sterile
    • 2x Gauze dressing pad 5 x 5 cm
    • 2x sterile cotton bandages 5 x 370 cm
    • 4x Alcohol cleansing pad
    • 1x BurnGel
    • 1x Eyewash
    • 1x Icepack
    • 1x Elastic bandage 7,5 x 450 cm w/fastener
    • 1x Non-porous athletic tape
    • 1x Hemostatic band/Tourniquet strap
    • 3x Safety pins
    • 1x Scissors
    • 1x Tweesers
    • 2x Scalpel
    • 1x Rubber gloves (Pair)
  10. First Aid Pocket (Empty)
    Ulfhednar® First Aid Pocket (Empty)

    First Aid Kit - pocket

    Molleweb attachments on the backside. First Aid equipment is not included.

    Dimensions: 15x20x7 cm

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