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  1. Miragebånd system jakt/langhold 47mm
    Skytterlinken Miragebånd system jakt/langhold 47mm

    Miragebånd i gummi av suveren kvalitet. 100% tett mot mirage. 47 mm bred. Kan enkelt tilpasses lengden på ditt løp ved hjelp av den ene spenna.

    Festes bak ved hjelp av miragebåndskruen på låskassa, egen krok eller festes rundt fremre kikkertring. Det fremrefleksible festetfestes med egnet strips, ring eller slangeklemmerundt løp/lyddemper.

  2. Silencer Pocket
    Ulfhednar® Silencer Pocket

    This pocket fits most silencers up to 60 mm circumference and 230 mm length. On the inside it has insulating Kevlar (R) and can withstand heat up to 250 degrees Celsius. The exterior is covered with weather-resistant Cordura (R).

    The pocket has a molle attachment on the back.

  3. Vision Hunter Brake
    Vision Vision Hunter Brake

    The Vision Hunter Brake is a small, discreet and incredibly light weight muzzle brake suitable for hunting. Made of 7075 aluminum, and weighs only 15 grams. Fits cal. 30 and smaller.

    The muzzle brake also works perfectly as a thread protector! Available in the following threads: 14-1 and 15-1.

    Weight: 15 gram. Height: 19 mm. Wight: 19 mm. Lenght: 30 mm.

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