RAT Recoil Activation Trigger

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The RAT is your solution when shooting rifles that are suppressed or using a muzzle breaker.

• Under settings on LabRadar, go to “Trigger Source” and select “Trigger”.
• Select “Trigger Level”, then select “Level 1”. LabRadar should now be all set for the RAT.
• See below images demonstrating how to mount the RAT.
• Always ensure that the side bearing the logo faces downward and makes direct contact with the rifle. The Velcro must NOT be situated between the RAT and the rifle.
• The RAT is best used with light recoil rifles where the action and barrel are joined. (See the photo on the left below.)
• The RAT can be used in many ways – but the side bearing the logo must always face downward. Mounting as per the below demonstration will however deliver the best results.

Included sight for Labradar.

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