Frankford Arsenal Universal kuleisetter die med mikrometer

Frankford Arsenal
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The Universal Bullet Seating Die works with .224 to .338 caliber bullets. Featuring a cutout window die body, the Universal Bullet Seating Die holds the bullet in place while seating. The built-in micrometer allows for precise .001” micro-adjustments to the seating depth of the bullet. Includes 9 bullet alignment sleeves, 3 VLD bullet seating stems, and a molded storage case. (Note: one alignment sleeve and one VLD bullet seating stem are pre-assembled inside the die.)

Included Caliber Fittings

  • .224 Cal
  • .243 Cal
  • .257 Cal
  • .264 Cal
  • .277 Cal
  • .284 Cal
  • .325 Cal
  • .338 Cal


  • Experience precise micro-adjustments to the seater depth of the bullet with a built-in micrometer.
  • Works for .224 – .338 cal and has a standard 7/8 x 14 thread.
  • One alignment sleeve and VLD bullet seating stem are preassembled in the die.
  • Bullet alignment sleeves, 3 CLD bullet seating stems and a molded storage case.
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